Henry James Rushfirth
Henry James Rushfirth
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence Cumberland Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Frances Elizabeth Solomon
Childrens Names Frances Mary & Stephen Edward

Henry James Rushfirth was born in Yarrow-on-Tyne, Yorkshire, in 1870, a son of engine fitter Stephen Rushfirth (1840-1894) and his wife Hannah (1839-1901). Henry was educated at the Rusbrick Grammar School in the West Riding of Yorkshire. He arrived in Tasmania in 1883 with his parents and siblings. His family was highly musical and Henry took up music teaching, for which he became well known in the city. He passed a thorough Trinity College examination, as did many of his students. He was also a composer of repute, his 'Rosalind' waltz being one of his best. He was for many years the Launceston city organist, choirmaster and organist at the Paterson Street Methodist Church and successfully competed at the Launceston and other competitions. He sang bass in the Exhibition Choir in 1891-92. Henry was a keen bowler, and represented Tasmania on occasion.

On 29 Jun 1896 he married Frances Solomon. Both their children died young: Frances Mary at three months and Stephen at just one month, in 1904 and 1905 respectively. Henry died at his home 'Belmont', Trevallyn, on 13 Nov 1922 aged 52. His wife Frances died on 17 Jun 1927. They were both buried at the Carr Villa Cemetery. Henry's brother John married Mabel Brooks, who is also pictured in the Family Album.

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