Henry Charles Abbott
Henry Charles Abbott
Date of Birth 14 May 1876
Place of Residence 79 Paterson Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Irene Dahlia Hutchinson
Childrens Names Iris & Shirley

Henry Charles (Harry) Abbott was born on 14 May 1876 in Ballarat, Victoria, one of seven children of William Henry Abbott (1839-1922) and his wife Mary Elizabeth Searle (1841-1936). The family came to Launceston, Tasmania, in 1879. W H Abbott was the manager and brewer at John Fawns' Cornwall Brewery for 12 years. In Oct 1891 he established the Phoenix Brewery at 79 Paterson Street, behind the Phoenix Aerated Water and Cordial Factory which had been operated by his wife Mary since 1887. They both exhibited at the Tasmanian Exhibition in 1891-92. W H Abbott won awards for his ale and beer, while M E Abbott won numerous awards for a variety of cordials and a special first award for her collective exhibit.

Harry was educated at Mrs Buesnel's Broadland House School, 4 Elizabeth Street, and at E A Nathan's Launceston High School. He exhibited a drawing at the Tasmanian Exhibition. He travelled to Ireland and England in 1906. He was manager, and after the death of his father in Sep 1922, chairman, of Abbott's Pty Ltd, soft drink manufacturers of Launceston. Harry married Irene Dahlia Hutchinson in Melbourne in 1918. They had two daughters, Iris in 1919 and Shirley in 1922. Irene died aged 35 after a three week illness on 1 Jul 1922 at their home 'Creenahoe', 50 Trevallyn Road, Launceston, leaving Harry with two young children.

In 1964 Harry was awarded an MBE for his philanthropic work. He donated money for the Harry Abbott Scout Centre in St Georges Square, the H C Abbott Guide Hall in Park Street and he established two trust funds which benefited 12 charities. Harry was a mason for more than 50 years, a member of the 50,000 League and took a keen interest in art and music. Harry died on 10 Nov 1965 aged 89. His siblings Ada Eberhard and Ethel and Thomas Abbott are also in the Launceston Family Album.

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