Ethel Leonora or Lucie Helena Glover
Ethel Leonora or Lucie Helena Glover
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Residence St John St Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Ethel: George Sykes; Lucie: Frederick George Bertram Ransom
Childrens Names Ethel: Helen Mona, Carl Ryllon & Ethel Georgina Esme; Lucie: Lyndon Thomas, Melvin Bertram & a girl

This could be one of two daughters of the eight children born to William Henry Glover and Helen Amelia Byron who were married in 1860. William was Commissioner of Mines and Goldfields, Commissioner of the Supreme Court and a stipendary magistrate. He retired from the government service in Aug 1901. William died at 'Rhyll', Harford, on 1 Jan 1910 in his 96th year. Two other daughters, Isabel Helen, 1864-1866 and Henrietta, 1866, had died young. The youngest daughter Florence is also pictured in the Family Album.

Ethel Leonora Glover, born at Sorell on 27 Aug 1867, was the third daughter and would have been 24 at the time this portrait was taken. Ethel was married to George Sykes of 'Rhyll', Harford, on 18 Aug 1896, by the Rev. A Barkway, rector of St Paul's Church, Launceston. They had three surviving children: Helen born 1899; Carl, born 1901 and Ethel, born 1904. Ethel died on 8 Jan 1910, just one week after her father died at her residence at Harford. She was buried at St George's, New Ground (Moriarty).

Lucie Helena Glover, born at Sorell on 17 Jul 1869, would have been 22 when this portrait was taken. On 14 Feb 1905 Lucie, of 'Stewarton', Wellington Road, Launceston, married Frederick George Bertram Ransom, the eldest son of FT Ransom of 'Killymoon', Mt Nicholas. Their three children were born at 'Killymoon': Lyndon, 5 Jan 1906 - 4 Mar 1906; Melvin, 1907 and a girl in 1909. Bertram died aged 48 on 20 Dec 1921 and was buried at Cullenswood.

Prue McCausland & Marion Sargent Feb 2009