Richard Francis Irvine
Richard Francis Irvine
Date of Birth 4 May 1845
Place of Residence 'Lebrina' Paterson Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Frances Beatrice Lette
Childrens Names Richard Charles, Beatrice May & John Lionel

Richard Francis Irvine, born on 4 May 1845, was the second of ten children of Charles James Irvine (1818-1863), governor of the Launceston Gaol, and his wife Jemima Frances Burn (1822-1919). Richard married Frances Beatrice Lette on 23 Nov 1875 at St Paul's Church, Launceston. Their children were: Richard Charles, born 1877, later Dr Charles Irvine and who died in the post-war influenza epidemic on 26 Aug 1919; Beatrice May, 1878-1950, married Hugh Fraser of Launceston, and John, 1879-1950.

Richard was a partner in Irvine and McEachern, wine and spirit merchants and wholesale and retail grocers of 128 Brisbane Street, Launceston. The firm exhibited 'alimentary products' such as oilmen's stores, jams, wines and spirits at the Tasmanian Exhibition in 1891-92. Richard was a member of the Launceston Hospital Board, a mining agent and later was secretary of the Stock Exchange for a long period. He had an interest in sport, being chairman of the Fisheries' Association, where he was involved in acclimatisation and breeding of fish. Shooting was another of his pastimes. He was a member of the old-time music group Liedertafel.

Richard died aged 76 at his residence in Paterson Street on 23 Sep 1921. He was buried at Carr Villa in Section B6 No 72. His mother Jemima Irvine and sister Nellie are also pictured in the Launceston Family Album.

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