Ernest Valentine Stackhouse
Ernest Valentine Stackhouse
Date of Birth 28 October 1859
Place of Residence Welman Street Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Adelaide Annie Walker
Childrens Names Elsie Adelaide & John Walker

Ernest Valentine Stackhouse was born on 28 Oct 1859 at the Rectory, Longford. He was the fourth of five children of Rev. Alfred Stackhouse (1811-1876) and his wife Eleanor (Ellen) Archer (1825-1898). Ernest married Adelaide Annie Walker on 29 Sep 1886 at St John's Church, Launceston. Their two children were born in Launceston: Elsie Adelaide on 28 Aug 1887 and John Walker on 1 Jan 1890. Ernest was a Justice of the Peace. He travelled extensively throughout America and England. He died of pneumonia at his residence, 10 Welman Street, Launceston, on 15 Oct 1916 in his 57th year. Ernest and Adelaide were both buried at the Carr Villa Cemetery.

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