Alexander Tuck Young
Alexander Tuck Young
Date of Birth 30 June 1846
Place of Residence Trevallyn Road Launceston Tasmania Australia
Spouses Name Ellen Catherine
Childrens Names Not known

Alexander Tuck Young was born on 30 Jun 1846 in Manchester, England, and educated at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. After working in several cities in Europe, Young came to Tasmania with his wife Ellen during a mining boom period and became a legal manager of several East Coast mining companies.

In 1886 he was appointed as accountant at the Cornwall Brewery, and in 1892 he leased the brewery from Sydney Fawns. Alexander brewed a very good ale, but was also using the brewery premises to conduct experiments in drying fruit and vegetables. He hoped that the Tasmanian Fruit and Vegetable Preserving Works would enable the dried products to be shipped to the Coolgardie goldfields but the Cornwall Brewery closed in 1896. Young continued to export malt to Sydney until J Boag and Son took over the site in 1899.

In 1898 Mr Young joined WR Rolph in an accountanting business known as Rolph & Young. Alexander T Cruikshank (also pictured in the Family Album) joined them in 1902, then Young's nephew Gordon L Creasey became a partner. Alexander retired from the firm in 1907. He was involved with the commercial management of The Examiner and Weekly Courier until 1912. Young played the cello in the Tasmanian Exhibition orchestra in 1891-92 and exhibited stringed instruments which he made: two violins, a viola and a violoncello. He was the inaugural secretary and cello player of the Orpheus Orchestral Society in Jul 1892. He was also a keen photographer, became a captain in the Launceston Rifle Regiment, developed an orchard at Swan Point called 'Killara', and was a member of the Lodge of Hope 4 TC. Alexander Young died aged 70 in Sydney on 14 Sep 1916 but was buried at Carr Villa, Launceston, with his wife Ellen who had died on 24 Apr 1913.

Jai Paterson & Marion Sargent Dec 2007